E-book Information

For a complete listing of my books at Smashwords, click here. For more on an individual book, click the link or picture below.


Rope contains five stories about men struggling with their demons or struggling with those who have given in to their demons.

Die Laughing contains three stories with a little laughter, and a little seriousness. “I’ve Been Killed Before” is in this collection.

Quick is a collection of very short stories (all under 2,000 words). “The Hairbrush” can be found in this book.


naked is a collection of 121 “micro-poems.”



ReRecital Notes, V1cital Notes, Volume I: The Paper Sessions — This is the first in a serious of poems written during musical performances. Some address music directly, and some are about where the music or people took me.



Wrestling LightWe wrestle with many things during our lives: each other, ideas, desires, God. This is a book about such conflicts. You can read “Fear at Burger King” at Chonogram and “Bridge Over Lake Lavon” at The Sonneteer.

Three Laments contains three suites composed during a time of intense grief and stress. You can read “Peniel” at Farrago’s Wainscot.

Making Rounds is a suite of short, five line poems written when I was a security guard.

Walking in Circles contains a number of early poems.

They Live With You is a collection of essays and memoir pieces about a variety of family issues.


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