Selected Fiction by Michael Neal Morris

Coming soon:

Novel in progress: Mass(es). Read excerpts here.

Notes in the Margin” (novella)

Don’t Hang On (mystery novel)

“Little General” at Ariel Chart

“Getting Rid of the Cats” at RumbleFish Press.

“The Train” at Figroot Press

“The Cookie Jar” and “Wished” at Sick Lit Magazine

“Thirsty” and “Silly” at Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

The Hoarder” at Microliterature

“Alone” at Straylight Literary Magazine

The Last Bottle” at thirtyseventhirtyseven

A Fist Full of Fries” at Flash Fiction Magazine

Mrs. Darnit” at Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Chickens” at Fiction365

Day Off” at Berg Gasse 19

“Promise” at Rubber Lemon

The Dog Barked” at sillymessDie Laughing

“Partita for continuo”  in Electric Velocipide

“Down at the Twenty-Five” at Fiction at Work

Puppy”  at Sniplits

A Little Accident”at Sniplits

“The Noisy Neighbor” at Espresso Fiction

The Hairbrush” at Flash Flooding (also available in Quick)

Dictionary for the Dying” at Glassfire Magazine

“Hard Light” at Mouth Full of Bullets

I’ve Been Killed Before” in GW Review (also found in Die Laughing)

The End of the Argument” in Dogwood Tales Magazine

“The Beggar” in Purpose


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