Selected Poetry by Michael Neal Morris

Now available!!

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naked (collection)

Recital Notes, Volume 1: The Paper Sessions (collection)

Recital Notes, V1naked

Wrestling Light (collection)


“kenosis” and “Between” at Figroot Press

“Do You Want Horror” at The Writing Garden

“The Chimes,” “Farce With Dick and Jane,” “The Extremist,” and “Making” at Rogue Poetry Review

“pan-optics” and “Three short lake poems” at Figroot Press

Part Storm” at Lunar Poetry.

Waiting Room” and “CPAP” at thirtyseventhirtyseven

Broken Down” at New Poets Society

Pills” at Randomly Accessed Poetics (April 15, 2012, online)

After Your Surgery” at Poetry Breakfast

“Warning,” “Frog” and “Bridge Over Lake Lavon” at The Resurrectionist (Sonneteer)

A haiku at High Coup Journal

Derek Bailey” at Bigger Stones

a haiku at High Coup Journal (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

“Cottonwood” at The Adroit Journal

Three Laments

Three Laments

The Insomnia War” at Flutter

“Loafing” in Poetry Quarterly

“Moments Before the Voice Lesson” at The Houston Literary Journal (September 2009)

Cares”  in Pond Ripples (May 2009)

“Father Lied” in Freckles to Wrinkles (Silver Boomer’s Anthology)

At the Back of the Backyard” at dotlit

Peniel” at Farrago’s Wainscot (also found in Three Laments)

“Short Lake Poem” in Pond Ripples

The Game On” in Cadenza

“Faults”  at Silent Actor

“Sax Sonnet,” “Episodes,” and “Anna”  at The Green Muse

“Concurrences” in Lacryma: Modern Songs of Lament (also found in Three Laments)

“The Heron”  in Skyline Magazine

“Taking Notes at the Hospital”  in Chronogram

Touching the Hem of Peace” at Haruah: Breath of Heaven

“Slam the Door Before You Go”  at Dufus

Fear at Burger King”  in Chronogram

On Violence” at the Poets Against the War

Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

“Talking about Losing”  in Liberty Hill Poetry Review

The Heat Sign” at The Mid-South Review

“Dream Fragments”  in Pudding Magazine

The Painted Grasshopper”  in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

Jumping To Conclusions” in Concho River Review

“Grappling” in  Lynx Eye. Nominated for Pushcart Prize.

“What I want for my birthday”  in Illya’s Honey

Two Ghosts” in The Distillery


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