Part Storm

Right now there is more thunder than rain,

though occasionally a bright spark of lightning

seems to top the window. I cannot

make myself switch on the light, but I open

the shutters to admit the gray sky over

my neighbors’ houses. The dog

lays under the table half-cowering, half-asleep.

first published at Lunar Poetry


New books! (Well, news)

Two eBooks of poems, Recital Notes, Volume I: The Paper Sessions and Naked, have been published on Smashwords. Recital Notes contains work first drafted during musical performances and Naked is a group of “micro-poems.” For now they are free, so I hope you will run (virtually, of course) and get you copies, and if you like them, tell your friends.

Recital Notes can be found here at Smashwords and here at iTunes.

Naked can be found here at Smashwords and here at iTunes.

Of course, if you are interested in a couple of mysteries for those lulls in your holiday season, you can always find Don’t Hang On and Notes in the Margin at Amazon.

Also, for those of you into Tumblr, I do have a page there I hope you’ll check out: This Blue Monk.

Have a fun and blessed holiday!

Coming soon!

I’ll release my new book of poems, Recital Notes, Volume 1: The Paper Sessions, very soon. If you are a review/blogger and would be interested in a copy for review please contact me.

oscar cover

Coming soon (Summer 2014 edition)

This summer, I am taking some much needed time off from teaching. Part of that will be spent finishing up additions and changes to my textbook, The Active Writer. But I expect to also spend time on the finishing touches to a novella titled Release, the first volume of my Recital Notes series (poetry), and perhaps an ebook of microfiction (as yet untitled).

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a lot of walking, and recording some about it on Walking It Off. Of course, lots of stuff will likely be posted on Monk Notes as well.

Happy reading!


My books for free

Just wanted to let you know that for the whole month of July, all my books on Smashwords are free. Well, a couple were free already, but the rest are available for reading on your favorite device or your computer screen. (This does not count my two books on Amazon.)

Just click here, and you will be linked to my profile page at Smashwords. Scroll down and you can read descriptions of my books. Any books not already listed as free will require the coupon code SW100 when you check out.

Happy reading and thanks for your support!

News — January 2012

Well 2012 has started and so I’ve updated this site as well as made a commitment to change up/work on Walking it off. A few pieces have found homes and I published Rope with Smashwords last year. Monk Notes has a bit of a new look. Well, I categorized the post so readers could easily find what they are interested in.

The beginning of the year finds me working on a textbook and making notes for a novel I had to stop working on in the middle of the year. Either than or trying something new. Here’s hoping for a bit more consistent production!